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The AAPG Rocky Mountain Section together with the Grand Junction and Four Corners Geological Societies invite abstract submissions for the 2020 meeting in Grand Junction, Colorado. All petroleum geology related topics are welcome, with special emphasis on the following topics:

  • Hindsight to Foresight: Lessons from the History of Exploration and Production
  • The Mancos Shale / Western Niobrara Equivalent: Sedimentology, Geochemistry and Physical Properties
  • The Powder River Basin Shale Play, A Rockies Powerhouse
  • The San Juan Basin: from Conventional Reservoirs to Resource Plays
  • Clastic Reservoirs of the Rockies: Sequence Stratigraphy, Reservoir Quality and Producibility
  • Geochemistry and Basin Modeling of Rocky Mountain Petroleum Systems
  • Lacustrine Basins: Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Geochemistry and Petroleum Systems
  • The Pennsylvanian System of the Rockies
  • Structure, Tectonics and Geomechanics of the Rocky Mountain Region
  • Advances in Seismic Imaging in the Rocky Mountain Region
  • The Occurrence and Production of Non-flammable Gasses in Rocky Mountain Area Fields
  • Energy Minerals in the Rockies: A Special Session in Honor of Bill Chenoweth
  • Applications of Machine Learning and Data Mining to Petroleum Geology and Energy Minerals
  • Sustainable Development I: New Technology and Models for Reservoir Revitalization
  • Sustainable Development II: Carbon Capture Use OR Storage – Turning CO2 from a Liability to an Asset
  • Other Petroleum Geology Related Topic in the Rocky Mountain Region
  • Both Oral and Poster presentations are welcome.

  • Submit your abstract by clicking on the SUBMIT ABSTRACT button below.
  • The abstract submission deadline is April 24, 2020 at midnight.

  • If you have questions please contact Technical Session Chairs Larry Anna, Elizabeth Petrie and Brad Burton using their email addresses below.



  • Suspension of No-Show Policy: Due to uncertainty over the impact of Covid-19 in the coming months, accepted authors who cancel their scheduled presentations less than five weeks in advance of the meeting will not be penalized by AAPG contrary to their usual policy. However, we ask that you notify the Technical Program Chairs immediately out of common curtesy.
  • Student submissions are encouraged to all sessions. We are planning a student poster session. Student submissions that do not fit into the listed topics can be submitted in an “Other” category.
  • Abstracts should cover the objectives, procedures, results and conclusions of the research. Abstracts will not be edited. Have your abstract proofread before submitting it.
  • The evaluation and ranking of abstracts are based on the relevance and timeliness of the subject matter; usefulness of the contribution to the advancement of knowledge, techniques or practice; and overall clarity, organization and presentation of ideas.
  • Important: RMS-AAPG has no funding for speakers. Do not submit an abstract unless at least one author is certain to attend the convention. All session chairs, speakers and poster presenters MUST register to attend the convention. No exceptions will be made.
  • Permission to publish your abstract in the meeting Program book (hardcopy or digital), is implied when you submit it for consideration. Because this is a section meeting of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, your permission is also implied to publish your abstract under “Meeting Abstracts” on the AAPG, Search and Discovery Website.
  • After the meeting authors of accepted abstracts will be offered the option to publish their entire presentation on AAPG’s Search and Discovery website.
  • In keeping with the spirit of the meeting, presenters must refrain from making subtle or blatant sales pitches including but not limited to: repeated use of product names, trade names or pictures, or repeated use of the company logo. Logos are only appropriate on the title and summary slides.
  • Oral Sessions:
    • Oral sessions will generally be allotted 20-minute time slots for introduction, presentation, and questions.
    • All oral presentations will run on Microsoft Power Point software using a single screen. Please format your slides for widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio).
    • Internet connections will not be available.
    • Each session room is equipped with a high intensity projector, desktop computer, large format screen, speaker timer, laser pointer and microphone.
    • Detailed speaker information will be sent to you after acceptance of your abstract.
  • Poster Sessions:
    • Half-day poster sessions are planned. Presenters are required to be in their booths for a minimum of one hour while their posters are on display.
    • Booth design & poster dimensions will be sent to you in the poster kit prior to the start of the conference.


  • The workflow for each abstract submission is:
    • LOGIN ID: Submitting authors will be asked to create a login ID for each abstract submission. You will be able to log in and edit your submission until April 24, 2020 at midnight.
    • STEP 1, FORMAT: Choose Oral, Poster or Either then click Next.
    • STEP 2. TITLE & ABSTRACT: Use 11pt, Arial font, single spaced text. For the title use upper and lower case, bold type, left margin alignment. Enter the abstract in the box below. Either type it in manually or copy and paste it in from a Word file. (If you paste from a PDF file you will lose the paragraph breaks). Abstracts can be a maximum of 500 words. The title, authors and author’s affiliations are not included in the word limit. No illustrations, no references, no abbreviations, indent the first line of each paragraph.
    • STEP 3. AUTHORS: (HEADS UP: YOU ARE ASKED TO ENTER THE EMAIL ADDRESS FOR EACH AUTHOR BEFORE THE NAME.) For each author enter: email address, title, first name, last name and affiliation. Check the boxes that indicate which author is the “Corresponding Author” (will receive emails from the Technical Program Chairs) and which is the “Presenting Author” (will present the talk or poster at the meeting).
    • STEP 4. ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS: Check each box as required. If you would like to be considered for a second technical theme area you can enter that information in the last box.
  • Confirmation of your submittal and a copy of the information you entered will be emailed to you at the email address you provided.
  • Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by May 5th, 2020.


Larry Anna
L.A. Resources,
Grand Junction, CO.

Elizabeth Petrie
Moncrief Chair in Petroleum Geology,
Western Colorado University,
Gunnison, CO

Brad Burton
Rady Chair in Petroleum Geology,
Western Colorado University,
Gunnison, CO